VHS & Camcorder tapes to DVD

VHS & Camcorder tapes to DVD

Number of Tapes Extra Copy
1 to 4$24.99 $3.00
5 to 9$18.50 $2.35
10 to 19$14.50 $1.80
20 to 39$11.00 $1.40
40 to 74$9.00$1.15
75 to 134$7.50.95ȼ
*VHS      *BetaMax      *High-8      *Super High-8 *DV Tape       *Mini-DV Tape

Clean up your entertainment center, get rid of the clutter! Move your family movies and old jems to DVD with a local company you can trust!

  • Price includes custom printed DVD in jewel case




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