CMC Pro, Valueline, 48X CD-R, Silver Thermal Lacquer, Hub Printable



CMC Pro, 48X CD-R, Silver Thermal Lacquer (Hub Printable), 100 Disc Tape Wrap, Valueline

JVC/Taiyo Yuden blank CD-R media has been the exclusive choice of professionals since recordable CD technology came to market. CMC Pro (Powered by TY Technology) CD-R media is manufactured to Taiyo Yuden’s strict specifications and quality control standards, and is a perfect fit for professionals that require the lowest failure rate, highest playback compatibility, and superior printable surfaces. A uniform Shiny Silver Lacquer top coating allows for superior quality when silkscreened or thermal printed. CMC Pro blank media is compatible with almost every type of duplication equipment on the market. The integrity of your data is extremely important, so don’t settle for anything less than the superior quality of CMC Pro Professional CD-R media.


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